The best way to photograph a pint of Guinness in Dublin?

March 16, 2020

2:58 pm

Conor Mulloy

Founder of InstaTours - Shoot amazing instagrams because image is important.

Taking a flawless image of a beer can be quite a challenge. Particularly when it is your old favourite stout from Dublin.

That cold pint of creamy Guinness is just what the doctor ordered for a day out with friends. 

So when in Dublin, do what everyone does.

Click a perfect picture of that pint of Guinness for posterity, of course!

We’ll show you the ultimate tricks to taking an Instagram worthy shot of your stout – without any special gear required!


Play around with lighting effects

The pictures of beer that you actually like to share are those where the glass is illuminated just right so you can see the bubbles floating through it.

Now, while Guinness is on the darker side, you can still get in some great shots with clever use of lighting. Try keeping a light behind the glass or bottle so that you give the beer a proper definition. 

When photographing a bottle of Guinness, you can use soft lighting from above and the sides to really define the shape of the bottle. Finally, use a subtle, low flash from the front to illuminate the label and other elements of the glass or bottle. This will really prime the photograph to take centre stage.


Nothing like a cold Guinness that looks it

You know that you’re enjoying a cold Guinness. But by the time you get your shot right, your poor pint looks like it has seen colder days. 

Get the condensation on the glass effect just right so that your viewers start pining for a nice cold glass themselves. 

There are several ways to get this technique just right. Ask for a glass from the freezer for your Guinness so that by the time you take your shot the condensation will settle on it perfectly. You can also use a mixture of water and glycerine to spray on the container to add the condensation effect.


Creamy, foamy beer that has the perfect head

What is a Guinness without that perfect creamy finish right on the top? Pour your drink right to show off the foam on the top of the glass to add to your perfect picture. 

If you aren’t a pourer, please have your server help you out. There’s never such a thing as too much foam when you are enjoying a glass of Guinness, so don’t go overboard tilting that glass as you pour.

Not enough foam? That is easily remedied. Just pop some salt over the top of the Guinness and you’ll see some foam in no time. To make it appear more natural, add table salt and mix it evenly through the beer. 

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend drinking it after the salt is added, just saying. 


Pick the right glass

While a rose by any other name might be sweet, a Guinness in a glass that isn’t meant for it, just doesn’t feel or look right. 

Since you are in Dublin, you can rightfully claim the Guinness gravity pint glass for your pint. This glass has a contoured shape that immaculately displays all the foam on the top of your pint. 

The Guinness bottle itself also makes for a brilliant way to serve the stout. You can get a lot of eyes on your photos by photographing either an open or sealed bottle of Guinness.

Truly photograph worthy. 


Look for bright backgrounds

When photographing beer, you have to keep in mind the settings that people would normally like to enjoy a pint in.

Beers are normally enjoyed with friends. So having two people clink glasses of Guinness together in a bar setting would not be too far off the mark.

You are in Dublin, so why not choose the pretty night skyline of the city to frame your pint of Guinness?

Another clever background to your shot can be by placing the Guinness in juxtaposition to items with complementing colours, or that have something to do with the way the beer was made. 

When you photograph any kind of drink, keep in mind the story you are trying to tell. This will guide your creative shots to make them more appealing even to an audience that doesn’t even like a good stout. 

As you play around with different ways to frame your shot, you will hit upon the right picture. That’s when you can have a cold Guinness to celebrate!


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