Top 5 things you need to know about Dublin for travel bloggers

March 16, 2020

3:05 pm

Conor Mulloy

Founder of InstaTours - Shoot amazing instagrams because image is important.

Travel bloggers have a huge responsibility. 

They have to not only enjoy their time travelling, but have to document it well enough so that other people can enjoy the place as much as they did!

Fortunately, Ireland is a beautiful place with friendly people, so you can always find plenty to see and do and photograph.  

So for your travel blog, what are the top places to go to so you can impress your followers? 

Here are the top 5 places to see if you are planning to base your travel blog in Ireland. 


Guinness Storehouse

No trip to Dublin is complete without a taste of its iconic beer: Guinness. But what if you could turn that taste into a complete experience in itself? Enter the Guinness Storehouse: 7 floors of fun dedicated to rediscovering the brand. This place used to be where Guinness was brewed, but now acts as an experience site for people who want to learn more about the beer and how it is prepared. You can enjoy yourself a pint of Guinness, included in the price of entry, take a walk through how it is made and learn how to pour the perfect pint, all in a space with an atrium shaped like a pint of Guinness. Plenty of great photo opportunities here, to be sure.  


Temple Bar

Can’t decide on which one amazing pub to visit? Why not pub hop your way through a whole street of them? Temple Bar is a quaint, cobbled street that hosts a majority of Dublin’s nightlife. There are live music folk bands that play the best of traditional Irish music. You can find plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes and even catch some art galleries while you are at it. While this place is bohemian and lively, it can turn out to be a bit too boisterous at times. Best to end your evening here before midnight and then head on to another spot.


Dublin Castle

What could be more romantic than visiting a castle? Well fortunately, Ireland has no dearth of castles. Once such castle is the Dublin Castle. The Dublin Castle located off Dame Street has been around since the 13th century and is an enthralling site to see. This castle serves as a government office and hosts several important events. It is open all through the week, so you can make your way here anytime. If you plan your timing right, you can visit the castle during the Heineken Green Energy weekend, which is hosted on certain weekends. The Dublin Castle’s gorgeous grey stone facade and spreading gardens make for some very gram-worthy photo opportunities.


Dublin Instagram Tour

If you are looking for a properly structured, yet fun tour of Ireland that you can show off to your followers, we highly recommend the Dublin Instagram Tour. On this tour, you can get shown key areas of interest in Ireland, shown to you by local guides who know the lay of the land. You can even learn photography techniques so that you are better prepared for how to make your pictures Insta perfect. The truly great part about this tour is that you will get to know Ireland better than anyone else, seeing it through the eyes of the folk who live there and love the place. 


Christ Church Cathedral

Given the strong Christian culture of Ireland, it makes sense to add a church or two to your Dublin bucket list. Visit Christ Church Cathedral, a 1000 year old church that was founded by Vikings. You can bask in the breathtaking architecture, exquisite floor tiles and find peace in its serene stillness. You can view a 12th century crypt that is hosted here and several treasures of the church that date back to the 1600s. There are many historic events that took place at the church, including coronations, making it even more worthy as a tourist attraction. 

Ireland is a wonderful place to get lost in a wonderland of beauty that also offers several attractions. While this is just a short top 5 list, we do recommend you taking a look at some more attractions if you have more time to spare, like the Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin Zoo, and so on. In fact, the Dublin Instagram Tour will give you plenty of ideas of where you could go next. Just focus on the right things to do and win the hearts of your followers!


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