Tips for garden photography at home

April 7, 2020

10:45 am

Conor Mulloy

Founder of InstaTours - Shoot amazing instagrams because image is important.

While you are shut in at home thanks to the world-wide lockdown, you might feel like your photography options for Instagram are severely limited.

Simply not true!

You can find inspiration at your own home, by dabbling in some home garden photography. 

You might have a small kitchen garden, or a balcony garden or a proper outdoors set up.

Whatever your type of garden, we will give you some tips to take some great pictures of it to upload!

Adjust the composition of your images


There are different composition rules that you can apply to your photography. One of these is to set objects within frame as though you were placing them in a grid of 9 blocks. Place objects along the imaginary lines of this grid so that you can get the right perspective in frame. You could even use leaves, garden posts and other garden accessories to make for an interesting shot. Try to play around with the depth in terms of distance between various objects within range. You can even try taking macro shots versus close up shots and see what works best for your particular brand of photography. 

Make objects prominent against a soft background


The flowers in your garden can look splendid if they are set against a background that provides a good contrast. This can be achieved by changing the angle of your shot so that you get it against a plain background. You can also achieve this effect by blurring out the background through live focus, or using a wide aperture lens so that you can keep the focus on your main object. This type of focus works great for simple flowers and even leaves. Try experimenting with different types of focus till you find what looks best. 

Increase the colours in your pictures naturally


Even before you go in for any sort of editing effects, you can make your garden pictures a whole lot brighter. All you need to do is to set them against the right coloured backdrop to really make them come to life. An example is to set red flowers against a bright blue sky. Or a purple flower against a yellow background. Even green leaves can make for a great contrasting background for pale coloured flowers. Try to mix dark colours with light ones to really get more out of this particular effect. 

Use different objects as the subject of your photography


When you are taking pictures of your home garden, you don’t necessarily have to keep taking pictures of the plants. You can switch things up by taking shots of gardening tools, empty pots, the fertile soil and so on. Keep these images as simple as you can, with very few objects in view. Take the photos at different angles, keeping the main object in the centre of your shot. You can even show your hands holding a gardening implement to add a human element to the picture. Add a caption describing your work in the garden for that day, and you have the perfect story for your feed!

Select the right lighting conditions


Not all pictures have to be taken in blazing sunlight for them to be interesting to look at. You can take pictures of your beloved plants during early dawn or sunset times to add more flavour to your shots. Plants tend to look different when the sun’s rays are less strong, so these will add to the variety in your pictures. Taking pictures at sunset can create dark outlines of trees and shrubs, that can make for a treat to the eyes. Try to catch a time when clouds are overhead to get an even better look for your home garden. You can try out different lighting conditions till you are satisfied with the overall perspective. 

Edit your pictures to maximise their beauty

You would be surprised at how much a few tweaks can help your pictures get a more vibrant effect. You can apply filters through any photo editing app or you can make a few adjustments if you have software like Lightroom. The key things to change up in your images of garden photography are the vibrance, saturation and temperature. By increasing the vibrance of the image, you can make the colours a lot brighter. Saturation helps in bringing out the colour, and at the same time you can try playing around with the contrast. Bring out the yellows in your picture by increasing the temperature, for some perfect summery shots. 

Make the most of all this downtime to take some great shots of your garden. You never have to look too far for inspiration!


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