How to get better at photography during isolation

May 5, 2020

5:12 pm

Conor Mulloy

Founder of InstaTours - Shoot amazing instagrams because image is important.

Shutterbugs are a restless lot during the isolation.

You can’t go out of your home in search of fresh material!

You can’t get inspired by new locales! 

Is it time to throw all hope of good photography out the window? 

Give in to posting ancient rejected pictures onto the ‘gram with a TBT tag?

We say, don’t give up just yet! 

Here are some tips to fire up the old camera and get in some good shots – even during isolation.

Use your own home as a new location

Being home during isolation has its advantages. You can look at your home with a new perspective. Let the keen eyed photographer in you pick out a fresh angle at which you can view a part of your home or garden. This is a great time to practice some product photography with your exciting food creations, or even find better vantage points to take better shots from.

Make the most of available light

As you begin to look around your home, make use of available natural lighting to enhance your photos. Watch how the sunlight dances along various objects as you capture them in a frame. As you take more pictures in various lighting conditions, allow yourself to figure out which would work better for your subject. This understanding that you gain will help you take better pictures in varying lighting conditions, once you venture out again.

Rope in family, pets and even yourself as a new model 

If you are sick of looking for newer inanimate objects to photograph, why not look for new live models right at home? Siblings, parents and other relatives close at hand can make for excellent subjects. Pets are always a win, especially as a stress buster for your followers. But even if you don’t have a furry friend around, don’t fret. You can even experiment with self portraits, boosting your post processing skills and finding new angles.

Give yourself a daily challenge

Let your creative juices flow as you challenge yourself with a new photography theme everyday. On one day, you can experiment with food photography, looking for ways to make the scene unusual and original. One another day, you can take a simple, everyday object and photograph it against a blank wall. This will help you find hidden depths in the subject, and make the photograph that much more special. You can try challenging yourself with these themes, or follow some great photography handles that will inspire you.

Try looking up at the sky

While the sky may have been your favourite thing to photograph when you were far away from home, chances are it has been ignored of late. Fortunately, colourful skies and clouds are available in endless quantities any time you look up. Try taking a photo of the sky at different times of the day, or as a backdrop to an interesting subject. You might surprise even yourself with the results.

Experiment with post processing

If you’re in no mood to try out any more home shots, might we suggest that this is the best time for you to polish up your post processing skills? Take any picture from the Before and put it through your usual set of post processing steps. You can even try using different mobile apps to get a more creative result and get a more surreal feel to your photo. The usual Adobe effects can also be tweaked so you can make even the most boring photo come to life.

Isolation can be the perfect break you’ve always needed to sit back and critique your own work. There’s probably details you missed in previous works that you can understand and correct in future shots. You can even devote this time to organising your collection or brushing up your portfolio. However you choose to spend it, make the most of this downtime, because it won’t last forever (we hope)!


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