How to grow your Instagram

How to grow your Instagram

Instagram is clearly the place that has got it going on.

It is easily everyone’s favourite social media app. That means content providers like yourself should find it easy to get new followers who will engage with your content.

But you don’t see that happening as fast as you like?

Well, here are some surefire ways to grow your Instagram followers without spending a penny.


Increase your posting frequency

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Instagram’s keen algorithms are always looking out for content that people interact with on a regular basis to figure out what it is they truly want to see. The more a person interacts with a certain account’s contents, Instagram gently nudged it higher up their feed. You can see these results for yourself by posting content a lot more frequently than you’re currently doing. Try posting daily, if not more than once daily, so that you get more clicks on your posts.


Post different kinds of content

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Keep your Instagram feed interesting by posting different kinds of content. Use photos, Insta live, videos and even the stories feature to give your followers more to look forward to. When you post a story everyday, it moves your icon to the top of the feed, making a user want to click on it and also view your profile. These are usual strategies used by brands to get their content viewed more.


Make full use of hashtags

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While other social media networks might restrict hashtags to only where necessary, Insta followers seem to love them. The more the merrier! Users can choose to follow a hashtag to see more content they would like. So what this means for you, is that you need to pick popular hashtags related to your post. You can use free tools to find relevant hashtags that are related to certain keywords. Always try different combinations of hashtags to find which works best. Try to use a minimum of 9 hashtags for each of your posts or see our past post here.


Use influence to get results

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When your content isn’t reaching as far as you like, you may just have to call in some favours from folks who can amplify it. Influencer marketing has certainly paid off for brands who needed a bit of help in getting seen. How it works is, you can collaborate with a popular Instagram user who can tag you in their uploads, or reshape your content. This means that your content will be blasted to all their thousands of followers. At least a fraction of them will be curious enough to check out what you have to offer, and follow you. By running regular such influencer marketing campaigns, you can give your profile the shot in the arm it needs to get more engagement.


Figure out a posting schedule

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What time you post content also matters when you are trying to get more followers. Different brands have used different methods to figure out what posting schedule they need to follow. As long as you find a rhythm that works for you, stick with it. There are social media publishing tools that can suggest the best times for you to post depending on when your followers are most active. Try to work at a posting schedule that works for you, and then stick to it so that you can see the results for yourself.


Keep an eye on analytics

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Analytics are your best bet to understanding which of your posts has performed best and why. You can your post impressions from the Instagram app and do a couple of experiments to see which of your posts do better than others. Which of your posts got you views from people who weren’t your followers? How do you translate that into a long term strategy? Data is your friend!


Interact with your followers

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Make sure to keep an eye on your Activity tab to view who is interacting with your content. Take the time out to respond to those who have commented on your post. This makes them come back for more. You can even follow back frequent commenters and feature their content on your timeline.


Cross post where possible

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Even if Instagram is your preferred medium, you can always pick up more followers through cross posting to other platforms. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to do this from right within the app. You will be surprised to see how many followers you can get from other social media sites like Facebook, etc.


Try out these tips to see an uptick in your Instagram following and let us know what you think!


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