Best Photo Locations for Galway, Ireland

August 6, 2020

5:05 pm

Conor Mulloy

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With its mesmerizing beaches, beautiful castles and captivating landscapes, Galway is a paradise for nature and history lovers.  

When you explore this ‘City of Tribes’, keep your camera handy. Let us take you through Galway’s best photo locations that are worth capturing in your hearts.

Dunguaire Castle

The majestic castle with its picturesque location is one thing that cannot be missed by the shutterbugs. Built in the 1950s, this structure stands tall and has stood the test of time, making it the most loved tourist spots in Ireland. For all the summer time visitors, the ‘Castle Banque’ fills the castle with festive glory, presenting endless opportunities and an ideal location for entertainment amid great shots.

Kelsey Montague Wings

This fun interactive artwork is situated at O’connell’s Bar located in Eyre Square. Inheriting its name from the artist who first created it, the Kelsey Montague wings are part of the ‘what lifts you’ campaign that is hyped in social media. Stand tall with these wings by your side and tell the world what inspires you. While at it, take a stroll in the busy Eyre square to witness and capture the culture and Christmas festivities of Galway.

Killary Fjords

The 16 km trial stretching in the Northern Connemara is absolutely breath-taking. The captivating Killary Fjords are surrounded by mountain ranges that provide a surreal feel and guarantee stunning shots from every angle.  Whether you are hiking or casually enjoying a boat ride, this gripping landscape coupled with its wildlife variety will leave you completely spellbound.

Latin Quarter

It is hard to photograph a city without indulging in its heritage and festivities. Lined with pubs, restaurants, bars and popular storefronts, Latin Quarter is rightfully called as the ‘Cultural heart of Galway’ and boasts of the city’s medieval history gloriously. The bustling cobblestoned streets are almost festive as people stroll the aisles amidst the street performers and entertainers who will surely raise your spirits. If you are looking for some festive, urban appeal in your photos, then this is your best bet.

Galway Cathedral

This alluring example of Roman-Gothic architecture style is built on Galway’s old prison. Adorned with limestone and flaunting intricate ceilings and walls, this cathedral seems rustic but was actually constructed in 1965. The awe-inspiring design and arches of this stone church speak highly of the various cultures that have influenced its style and will serve as a treat to the lovers of architecture.  The Cathedral along with the front Salmon weir bridge creates a striking backdrop naturally for the camera shutter.  

Aran Islands

Upholding the rural traditional folds of Ireland with its landscape and thatched cottages are the Aran islands, situated at the coast of Galway Bay where it is lapped up by the Atlantic. A favourite hangout spot for the locals as well as the tourists, these islands offer captivating shots without trying too hard.  The dense pastures and the lustrous waters, not to forget the prehistoric forts and lime stoned walls along the cliffs, are every photographer’s dream. A much-needed respite, indeed!


Claddagh is a small yet popular neighbourhood located in the heart of Galway. This is the place of origin of the famous claddagh rings, highly popular with the Irish folk symbolic of love and friendship.  This former Irish fishing town is a scenic beauty, especially at sunset and has preserved its cultural aspects till date even with the modern structures like church springing up in the city. Claddagh is a hidden gem for photographers and shooting in this location offers a ride into tradition of Galway.

Kylemore Abbey

Serving as a home to Benedectine nuns in the past, the Kylemore Abbey in Connemara is as calm and serene as its residents. A tranquil river expanding across its lines and spectacular mountains peeping at the top, your camera won’t be able to resist the urge to click photos every minute. Its long tragic history will keep you hooked on its tradition and its beguiling structures and natural gardens will keep your camera busy. It comes as no surprise that this quaint abbey has been included in the top ten tourist attractions of Ireland. 

The Long Walk

Ever thought that a lazy stroll on summer days could also turn into a great opportunity for taking mesmerising shots? The Long walk is located near the Spanish Arch and is one place that you cannot miss. The row of stunning, houses splashed with colours is certain to break monotony and brighten up your photograph.

The city of Galway is truly a great addition to any photographer’s gallery. It is home to numerous surreal landscapes waiting to be discovered, if you have an eye for it.


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