Best places in Ireland for beach photography 

September 30, 2020

3:39 pm

Conor Mulloy

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Ireland is rightly called “the Green island”. Owing to its beautiful landscapes and scenic locations, it draws tourists from around the world. Wrapped by the ocean on all sides, it boasts of beautiful and captivating beaches that are enough to satiate every photographer’s fantasy. 

Read on to know about the best beach locations in Ireland. They are sure to blow your mind and leave your camera yearning for more.

Keem Bay, Achill, Co. Mayo

Situated right across the serene Dooagh village, this stunning beach offers photographer’s too many elements in a single location. This beach sits proudly in Achille’s Island and is surrounded by high-facing cliffs that are not just beautiful to look at but also ideal for awesome clicks. This was home to basking sharks but now is visited more often by scuba divers. Be ready with your gear as your camera is going to drool over this splendid beach lapped with lucid and breath-taking turquoise waters.

Curracloe, Co. Wexford

Just few miles away from Wexford town, Curracloe beach is the go-to beach that you will usually find packed with either the locals or tourists. Loved for its sand dunes, this beach has made it to the top Blue flag beaches and is also internationally renowned from the movie Saving Private Ryan. If being featured in a film is not enough testimony of its charm, it is also awarded the best beach of Ireland in the previous years. It is spacious, filled with beautiful flora and is close to Raven woods. Although this beach will hardly leave any space in your camera, try to catch full moon illuminating the beach and take home some mesmerising shots.

Rosses Point Beach, Co. Sligo

A popular visiting hub for water sport enthusiasts, Rosses Point beach is one location that should not be missed. Its beautiful views extend from Knocknarea to Benbulben which offers a serene backdrop for beach photography. If you are an off-season visitor, you can be hopeful of finding this beach deserted and to your own self allowing uninterrupted captures. Giving it cover from the top are the Darty mountain ranges that stretch across this 2km long beach, adding to its allure. 

Inch Beach, Co Kerry

This 3-mile-long beach is situated in the Dingle peninsula and is an absolute favorite spot for photographers. Inch beach is the celebrity beach of Ireland whose picturesque charm attracted Hollywood to the shore. As you casually get majestic views while taking pictures, you are sure to pass bird watchers, surfers and swimmers on the go. Inch beach is almost magical and boasts of opportune views for photographers. The captivating expanse of white sands are a treat to a photographer’s eye(or lens) and the neighbouring Slieve Mish Mountains looming in form the top provide the right settings for a beguiling photograph without putting in much effort. 

Dog’s Bay and Gurteen Beach, Co Galway

Located near Roundstone, these are twin beaches separated by a stretch of green cover. Typically known for its horse-shoe shaped structure, Dog’s Bay is one of the most popular spots for the shutterbugs. If you happen o capture a shot from the bird’s view, the crescent-shaped beaches will produce mirror-like images. This beach is covered by white sand completely making it a fantastic location for photomaniacs. Without having to worry about water currents, this beach is a safe haven allowing you to spend as many hours as you want, capturing its beauty.

Whiterocks Beach, Portrush, Co. Antrim

Accessible by a narrow road, this grand beach is one of the best Blue Flag beaches in Ireland. Residing on the feet of the Dunluce Castle, the whiteRocks beach is located near the Causeway Coastal Route. Years of water tear have transformed sedimentary rocks into beautiful caves and stunning arches coupled with limestone cliffs. This white beauty is a popular spot for locals who are busy surfing in the clear waters across the shore. If you get time off your camera, be sure to witness hawk hunting in this famous location.

Coumeenole Beach, Dunquin, Co. Kerry

Take a stroll through the trail. Residing in the Dingle Bay is the bewitching shore of the Coumeenole Beach. Just a walk over the calming beach is enough to take your worries away. The currents may not be suitable for surfers but the views are insanely spectacular and mind-blowing for a photographer. The beach did a cameo in a film Ryan’s Daughter. Once you are there you will be greeted with its romantic charm that is hard to ignore, so bring along your camera and try entrapping these spectacular views in those shutters.

With your camera in hand and the list of best beach locations on paper, get exploring. Wander in the right places for pristine beach images.


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