5 Reasons InstaTours is Perfect for your Hen Party

Hosting a Hen weekend is all about having fun and creating unforgettable memories. With so many activities out there, why not give your gals a whole new and unique experience by picking InstaTours as your Hen Party activity?

InstaTours is all about having your personal guide who not only takes you through roads of the city but also captures the essence of places in your camera professionally. Not convinced enough?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider InstaTours for a bachelorette wherein you and your friends have the time of your life.

 For Instagram worthy pictures

When you have an InstaTour guide by your side, you can proceed with getting your gang clicked without having to worry about the awesomeness of end pictures. Taking care of everything from unique spots to natural frames and proper resolution to correct mode, you and your girls are captured in full glory professionally. Having a professional photographer and guide by your side is surely going to be a lot more fun than relying on one of the strangers strolling past you, for getting that flawless click.

Visiting non-touristy locations

With InstaTours you get to experience non-touristy locations discovered through years of exploring. Get to those hidden gems with InstaTours photographers who have scanned the city for beautiful backdrops and picturesque locations.

A lot of cities have sweet spots and corners that may not fit in the best locations list of city tourism guide but they possess a unique charm. How would your girl gang like to step into a unique park, sit by an old city café or taste classic Dublin brews? We know just where to take you.

View the town through a local’s eye

What is better than visiting a town with a local? Our guides have knowledge on local heritages and cultures of the town. That adds a whole new dimension to not just your journey but also to your photo frame. Don’t we all just love hearing those little snippets of information from guides who help us connect with the location a tad-bit more?

When you choose InstaTours you get the real essence of any town. So, you and your girlfriends are not just getting mind-blowing off-the-beaten-track pictures but also embarking on a learning quest getting to know about the interesting stuff of the underrated locations around.

An unprecedented experience

Every bride secretly wishes that her hen party is the best among all and is remembered for years. To get something unique, you must do something unique and that is why InstaTours should be your number one choice for giving your pals an unprecedented experience that y’all will cherish for a lifetime. 

Photographs are an indispensable part of bachelorette party and sometimes everyone gets so busy taking pictures that the party gets dull and boring. With InstaTours making your experience free and less stressful, you can endlessly enjoy uninterrupted conversations and fun with your besties for a larger than life experience. Immerse in the location’s heritage unapologetically and wander aimlessly while a professional photographer handles the shots for you.

Custom tailored for you

Go to the places you like as a gang, skip the ones you don’t. You see yourself falling in love with a particular spot? No rush. Spend time there, sitting around, chatting or clicking. We don’t have a pre-set agenda for you. Your guide is someone you can talk to with ease and make the experience very personal.

 If you would like to talk to your guide and cherry pick things to do, that’s perfect too. The big day is coming up and the bride gets to be the boss here.

Can’t wait to book your hen party tour? We are a phone call away.

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