Best techniques to take pictures of books

Out of all the things that we own, books are treasured the most. 

And let’s face with – we love to boast about the classics we read. 

For all the frantic book lovers out there, here is a handpicked list of techniques to photograph books in a way that will leave the viewers inspired.

Play with props

We all have a frame with little objects kept besides a book. Be it a coffee mug or a wine glass, these little props can instantly uplift the picture frame, giving you an attractive shot without trying too hard. Just grab on things like eye glasses, fancy pens or even fairy lights, place them creatively beside your book or above it and create a themed setup for the perfect book image. For instance, while photographing Sherlock Holmes, including a prop as simple as a magnifying glass or a watch can add new dimension to your picture and is enough to tease the mystery lovers.  

Pile ‘em up

Stacking books or piling them on top of each other is a classic idea of showing off your collection without being a braggart. No need to stay systematic here. Pile your books in random order or you could just lay them on the desk haphazardly, completely a personal choice. One way of keeping the photograph unique is placing every book at a different angle in the stack.  While at it, you could consider playing with lights around – like a cool lamp or hanging lights to add that extra bling to the photograph.  

Boast with a Cosy setup

Your cosy book reading space has the potential of serving as a great backdrop for book photography. It renders an aesthetic sense and peace of mind, which comes naturally to book readers. Reading between the sheet on a lazy morning or diving into your own world curled up in that comfy sofa? Add the elements to your photograph. Use the environment that you dwell in fearlessly for a killer picture leaving the viewers jealous of your personal space as well as stunning photography skills.  However, if your bed is messy or your backdrop cluttered, it is best kept hidden.

Go out of the box

Literally, ditch the room and go outside. Sitting in a garden of blooming flowers with a book in your hand is a meditation therapy for the body and the very soul. Let your photograph speak of this tranquillity within and outside of you by including nature artistically. Place your book on the grass, or the autumn leaves or better yet, falling snow and take a magnified shot of the book in all its serenity. Or better yet, placing your favourite flower beside the book or hugging onto its pages is another way to take naturally breath-taking book photographs that have a language of their own. 

Let locations speak

Holiday mood on? If you have the liberty of taking book photographs while you are vacationing on exotic locations of the world, then don’t hesitate to use it to get unique clicks.  Laying on the sand, reading beside the sea or sitting on top of a cliff with your travel book – why even search for an idea or inspiration? The gorgeous view stretching in front is the best backdrop you’ll ever find. All you got to do is keep your books in an elevated position and capture an interesting part of location to mesmerise the viewers with a glimpse of nature.

Include yourself

A great way to photograph your books is including yourself or a body part (preferably arms or legs) in the frame.  Stretch your legs in the front and hold the book in your lap to add some striking dimension to your image. Have a classy or chic themed room? Or a flattering wallpaper? Stand in style with the book in an attractive corner, utilising your space to create a cohesive background. Donning on an outfit complementing the colours of book cover will take your photograph to another level.

Add vintage touch

Going retro or vintage with book photographs is a sure shot way to uplift it. Wake up the creative genius in you, gather your vintage collectibles and start organising. Such photographs usually have a rustic tone to them with books seated next to old yet timeless objects. Tweaking your images (not over-doing it) by adding a little blur and reducing contrast and adding compasses or old clocks to the frame will help achieve a timeless snap.

Having a perspective and showcasing books creatively can instil life into your photographs. Do you have the eye for it?

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