Top 5 Pubs in Dublin to get a pint of Guinness

The top 5 pubs in Dublin to have a pint of Guinness

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How to get better at photography during isolation

Shutterbugs are a restless lot during the isolation. You can’t go out of your home in search of fresh material! You can’t get inspired by new locales!  Is it time to throw all hope of good photography out the window?  Give in to posting ancient rejected pictures onto the ‘gram with a TBT tag? We […]

Best time of the day and day of the week to post different things on Instagram

Posting great content on Instagram can be a very important consideration. What’s even more important is to figure out the best time to post your amazing content. That’s the only surefire way to get more views, more likes and more followers! Can’t ever do with enough of any of those, right? So here are some […]

Tips for garden photography at home

While you are shut in at home thanks to the world-wide lockdown, you might feel like your photography options for Instagram are severely limited. Simply not true! You can find inspiration at your own home, by dabbling in some home garden photography.  You might have a small kitchen garden, or a balcony garden or a […]

The Best Dublin Bridge Photo Locations

Finding the sexiest spot to take a picture is on the mind of every Instagrammer.  In Dublin, while you may miss out on a lot of the greenery that covers the rest of Ireland, there are plenty of picturesque spots in the city.  Dublin has plenty of bridges that make for some very interesting photo […]

Top 5 things you need to know about Dublin for travel bloggers

Travel bloggers have a huge responsibility.  They have to not only enjoy their time travelling, but have to document it well enough so that other people can enjoy the place as much as they did! Fortunately, Ireland is a beautiful place with friendly people, so you can always find plenty to see and do and […]

The best way to photograph a pint of Guinness in Dublin?

Taking a flawless image of a beer can be quite a challenge. Particularly when it is your old favourite stout from Dublin. That cold pint of creamy Guinness is just what the doctor ordered for a day out with friends.  So when in Dublin, do what everyone does. Click a perfect picture of that pint […]

Take Beautiful Portraits with your Camera Phone

InfoTrends estimated that 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken in 2017, this number is set to increase each year as the cameras on smart phones improve and people share more and more of their lives online. When you take a photo, you want to make sure you are taking good quality pictures that capture the […]

How to Optimise Composition for Camera Phone Pictures

Ever wonder why your friend’s Insta feed gets so many more likes than yours even though it is just pictures of objects and rooms, shot on an iPhone?  The trick to getting the best out of your smartphone photographs isn’t merely the subject. It is the juxtaposition of different elements within the image, also called […]