Capturing Sunshine: The Best Spots for Sunny Pictures in Edinburgh

Capturing Sunshine: The Best Spots for Sunny Pictures in Edinburgh Introduction: Edinburgh, the historic and vibrant capital of Scotland, offers a plethora of picturesque locations for photography enthusiasts....
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Hidden Photography Spots in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city full of hidden gems that are perfect for photography enthusiasts. From stunning vistas to unique architecture, there are many spots around the city that...
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Most Instagrammable doors of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city full of beautiful and historic architecture, and one of the most popular subjects on Instagram are the city’s stunning doors. With intricate carvings, vibrant...
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Why do a Phone Photography tour in Edinburgh

As a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, Edinburgh is a popular destination for tourists. But why not add a unique twist to your visit by...
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Is Edinburgh One of the Best Cities in the UK?

Edinburgh is about as magical as a city can get. Get swept up in its sprawling cobblestone streets, its Celtic tradition of Hogmanay, its friendly residents, and in...
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Hen Party Accommodation in Edinburgh

Hen parties are always so much fun, it’s hard to have a bad one. But the best ones are always well organised in advance with a great “Henhouse”...
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Best Hen Parties Activites in Edinburgh

No Hen party to Edinburgh would be complete without some fun activities, the key as Maid of Honour or organiser is that everyone has fun, especially the Bride...
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English language groups for InstaTours

We love having English language students on InstaTours. It’s a wonderful way to see and explore a new city with friends. We regularly get large group bookings from...
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