Best Hen Party Nightlife in Cork

One of the most fun parts of a Hen party in Cork is the rocking nightlife. So if you’re ready for your hens to shake their tail feathers, we’ve got you covered with the list of best bars and nightclubs in Cork to check out. 


The nightclub made for nostalgia, Popscene celebrates the 80s and 90s music so dance like your childish self is watching! Located on Oliver Plunkett street in the heart of Cork city. This bar is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 2.30am and is only over 23s, so depending on your group this could be a great match. 

Great costumes are not out of place so be sure to get into the spirit with the Hen party. Be sure to get in before 11.30pm as that’s the start of the busy period for entry. 


The very famous and well known Reardens is Cork’s largest late night venue and it’s huge! First opened in 1835, it splits into three parts of Reardens bar, Secret Garden and the Hidden attic. They rotate DJ’s, live bands and quieter pub atmosphere between the three.

From reading the reviews, be wary of booking a table though, it seems you still have to queue and the seating arrangement are not always clear (E.g. beside a DJ booth). 

On Cork’s main pub crawl and party strip of Washington street, you’re guaranteed to have a lively time in Reardens. 

Voodoo Rooms

To bring the black magic to your party, look no further than Voodoo rooms in Cork city centre with their Mexican theme on a rooftop. Linked to Popscene (our first nightclub recommendation), this is also over 23s on Fridays/Saturdays. Again be sure to book on their Instagram or website to ensure you get a table for your whole party. 

Dali Cork

For an alternative and eclectic nightclub then Dali may be the best option for you. They’re famous for their electronic music and for starting their party concept from a disused sauna, they tear up the scene with sharp and fashionable music. Though a word of warning, the demographics of this club would generally be early 20s, but good for a bop for everyone in your Hen party. 


4 floors with four DJ’s, the Bowery is another large late night scene where you are sure to lose your friends among the hubbub. A good meeting spot is their famous rooftop smoking room so be sure to check it out if you visit. Playing a mix of popular, Hen friendly and alternative music, there’s really something for everyone in this nightclub. 

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