Discovering Cork’s hidden photography spots with Anastasia Velickovic


Cork,, is the second largest city in Ireland after the capital city of Dublin. It is situated in the province of Munster, on Ireland’s south coast.

According to the 2022 census of Ireland, its population is  222,333 people, which makes it the third-most populous city on the Island of Ireland after Dublin and Belfast.

Famous for its food quality and where the first potatoes  were planted, Cork offers a great choice of touristic spots that are worth visiting.

Thanks to my  Erasmus + experience, I have the possibility to do an  internship in this peaceful and at the same time historic, artistic and cultural city. Here I will share with you my top tips and tourism locations. 


Cork International Airport is  7 km from the city center and thanks to the availability of  taxis, you will reach it easily.

There you will find the main bus station, with bus services to different locations. 

Public transport’s tickets can be purchased in cash or card, but you can also book them online, which will make everything faster and easier.


Crawford Art gallery 

Interested in the artistic side of Cork?

A lovely National Cultural Institution and regional museum about historic and temporary Irish and international art, located in the heart of the city with very interesting and enjoyable exhibitions.

The admission and the exhibition is free as the tours every Thursday at 6:30 pm and Sunday & Bank Holidays at 2 pm, so if you’re in Cork and it’s a rainy day, it’s the perfect place for you!

English Market 

If you are interested in local gastronomy and eno-gastronomy (connection between food and wine), you can’t miss the opportunity of visiting the English Market (from Monday to Saturday).

Founded in 1788 by the British , it has been a symbol and an attraction of Cork not only for what it offers, but also because of its architectural beauty.

Situated in the city centre, you will find many culinary delights such as meats, fish, herbs, vegetables and also traditional dishes that you can also eat and enjoy there.


St Patrick’s Street

By being the main street down the center of the city, it presents a large number of shops  such as Tiger, Penny’s, North Face and Pandora. 

Devoted to St Patrick, the beloved patron of Ireland, it hosts the parade every year on the 17th of March, so don’t get surprised by the cheerful sounds! 

Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne

A Neo Gothic and Roman Catholic Cathedral and the mother church of the dioceses of Cork and Ross located at the top of Shandon Street completed in 1869.

Church of St Anne

Situated not far from Cathedral of St Mary and St Anne, Church of St Anne, is another very calm and lovely spot to visit.

It’s a vernacular church built between 1722 and 1726 and dedicated to Saint Anne.

In order to have access to the tower, it’s necessary to buy  the ticket, but if you are looking for a breathtaking view of the city, it’s truly worth it..but don’t make you fool by the clock…there’s a reason it’s called “The Four Faced Liar”.

Bishop Lucey Park

If you are looking for a green and nonchalant place to have a break or to just relax yourself, this public park pointed in the core of the city might be the right thing for you!

In honor of Cornelius Lucey, who was a Bishop of Cork and Ross, this park is also known as “The Peace Park” by the local people (referred to the River Lee area).

On the right side of the entrance you will find this piece of art made by Ardu Street Art Project, in honor of the English Market and of its importance for the city.

As you can  see below, it shows a man in the dress code of the 18th century, representing when the  English Market had been built; whereas, Conor Harrington, the artist, said that he “included a doll’s house on the table to illustrate how Cork is a city built on good and how our culinary scene is one of our greatest assets.”


Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse

Looking for a place where you can try the local cuisine and that is reachable by foot if you are already in the city center? Try this one! 

Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse is a delicious restaurant with a very welcoming and helpful staff.

The River Club

A New York vibes restaurant that offers you a sophisticated choice of dishes, a great selection of wine and that is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Established near the city centre, it’s easy to reach without having to use any kind of transport. 

And last but not least, don’t forget to always bring your umbrella with you!

By Anastasia Velickovic, intern at InstaTours.

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