InstaTours is the first tourism operator in the UK and Ireland to receive payments in Crypto

InstaTours, a tour company that helps people shoot Instagrams in cities across Britain and Ireland, will be the first tourism operator in the UK and Ireland to receive crypto as payment for a tour.  

Dublin, Ireland, 5th of April 2022: According to Tripadvisor, InstaTours is the number one photography tour company in Ireland and the UK , and InstaTours is staying relevant and offering maximum flexibility by now accepting cryptocurrency as a tour payment method. There are over 2.8 million British and Irish virtual currency users as of September 2021. But even with that growth, it’s still a struggle to use it for real-world activities. That’s why InstaTours is delighted to be the first tour operator in the UK and Ireland to be offering this payment option. 

“We want to be leaders in our space and many people already use or trade cryptocurrencies but there isn’t always practical usage for it in real life” said Conor Mulloy, founder of InstaTours. “We’re delighted to be the first to accept crypto as a means of payment for a tour and provide an option to realise this technology

What do you get for paying with crypto for an InstaTour?

In short, you get a unique photography experience in one of the UK and Ireland’s big cities. You are guided to the best spots in the city, shown photography techniques , and offered practical Instagram skills so you can post your best pictures ever. Examples include how to frame your photo, using lighting to the max with filters and how to play with angles. You are also brought to different spots that are deemed instagrammable, with hidden back streets often providing the best surprises. 

Currently, InstaTours is live in 8 cities across the UK and Ireland. This includes Dublin, Cork, Galway, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol. The tour price is 19.75 euro or pounds for each location. Tour payments are taken in the equivalent amount on that day in the crypto currency chosen by the purchaser. 

How to Pay for a Tour with Crypto?

InstaTours processes crypto purchases through email. The buyer needs to send their name, phone number, cryptocurrency type, number of people, tour city and tour time (can be found on this booking link) with the subject name of “InstaTours crypto payment” to The buyer will then receive a wallet link to send their crypto payment. When processed, they’ll be booked in manually for the tour. The buyer will then get a confirmation email within two hours with their time and place for the tour. 

“COVID was really tough for tourism but we came out stronger on the other side with our expansion to the UK and putting in place infrastructure to help us scale for future growth. One of the benefits of lockdown was the increased acceptance of Crypto. It’s something that’s here to stay and we now want to accept as legal tender. Also a shout out to all the crypto evangelists out there, we hope to see you soon on the tour. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of tourism and offer more options for our customers in payments. This is just another step forward for the benefits of holding or trading crypto, to get that real world practical usage”.    

Conor Mulloy, founder of InstaTours

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