InstaTours Launches the World’s First Hen Party Podcast

A tour that helps people shoot Instagrams is launching the world’s first Hen Party podcast. 

InstaTours, the #1 photography tour in Ireland and UK according to Tripadvisor and recently named Hen Party Supplier of the Year by WeddingsOnline, has partnered with HenQueens to launch the world’s first Hen Party Podcast. The Podcast contains 5 episodes with an average running time of 30 minutes each. The hosts, Conor Mulloy (Founder of InstaTours) and Hannah Dean (Founder of HenQueens), chat about a wide range of topics covering all things Hen Party, including bringing in guests to share their own experiences – including all the things that went wrong. 

Some of the big topics include common pitfalls for your Hen party, organising group communication, and how to get the best accommodation for your group. Episodes also cover how to best finance your Hen party, dealing with the inevitable row, and how to choose your destination in the first place. 

“We regularly have Hen parties on the tour in UK&I and lots of questions were coming in about building a Hen party around an InstaTour. Naturally, we started sharing more on our website about accommodation, restaurants and venues to offer helpful information and inspiration,” said Conor Mulloy, founder of InstaTours. “I was researching a bit myself and thought it’d be easier to listen to a podcast, so I searched online for a podcast about Hen Party planning but – to my massive surprise – there was none!

“It’s said that the Podcast market is crowded, so I was shocked to discover that a Hen Party podcast didn’t exist,” Mulloy continued. “We had been working closely with Hannah at HenQueens so pitched the idea of doing one together. Voila, we’re here and it’s been so much fun to make! We had guests telling us about their experiences and it was amazing to hear about things especially going wrong at Hen parties. As a man, I’ve never been to a Hen Party before so I tried to approach everything with a fresh set of eyes. The male stripper part was definitely new to me! That story really made me laugh.”

“The whole purpose of this Hen Party podcast is to offer information that can hopefully help someone in their planning process or give a laugh or just reassurance to anyone planning or going on a Hen Party. It’s conversational around all the key Hen party points and just makes it all a bit easier to manage,” said Mulloy.

The first 2 episodes have been released on 3 April 2022, and they will continue to be released weekly. There are plans for a season 2 of the Hen Party podcast for 2023, but details are still to be determined. Visit our Hen Party Podcast page for full episode guides and topics. 

About Our Hen Parties:

Currently, InstaTours offers Hen Party experiences in 8 cities across the UK and Ireland. This includes Dublin, Cork, Galway, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol. They regularly post information and ideas for Hen Parties on their blog. On an InstaTour Hen Party, you are shown photography techniques to master the shot as well as practical Instagram skills so you can post your best picture. Examples include how to frame your photo, using lighting to the max with filters and how to play with angles. You are also brought by a local tour guide to different spots that are deemed instagrammable, with hidden back streets giving the best surprises. 

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