Ireland food photography spots


Ireland is full of amazing spots for photography.

Airy castles for some surrealism. Thick green forests for some enchanted shots. And the best eating spots ever for food photography.

You can get in some great food photos for your posts by visiting the right spots in Dublin. 

We’ve put together a short list to get you started.

Klaw, Temple Bar District

Klaw is one place you can head to for some fascinating seafood shots. All of the seafood served here is locally sourced, and is blow torched before serving. The place has seen a surge in popularity of late because of its varied offerings that are easy on the stomach as well as on the wallet. You can partake of a local feast here and take your camera along. We highly recommend pictures of the oysters here, served freshly chucked and blow torched for people who don’t fancy them raw. The best part is Klaw is located right in the Temple Bar area, offering you some interesting night time shots.

Powerscourt Townhouse

The Powerscourt Townhouse is a pretty scenic spot for an afternoon out. Within its spreading courts, Powerscourt also has some food stalls where you can sample some traditional Irish fare. Try the Irish soda bread along with some spiced beef here. You can get impressive pictures of the cuisine and of the townhouse itself. 

Ely’s Bar

If your feed has been missing some delectable wine photos, then your next stop should be Ely’s Bar. This is Ireland’s oldest wine destination and offers some lovely food to go along with them, which features local fare like Irish pie. The ambience makes for some impressive photography, seeing as it is located within the historical CHQ building. Take your camera and wine appetite along, as this is an experience that should not be missed.

Guinness Store House

The best place to learn more about Ireland’s most beloved beer, is the Guinness Store House. From learning about pouring to learning about pairing, there is plenty to learn about Guinness. You can work in some shots of a foamy beer or take pictures of the superbly laid out interiors. We recommend adding some shots of the beer with the food here to keep things interesting. 

Teeling Distillery

After beer, Ireland’s other beloved export is that of Irish whiskey. At Teeling’s Distillery, you can endear yourself to this sacred nectar and get in some shots of barrels. Teeling’s offers a complete tour of the distillery, along with food pairing recommendations. The distillery itself has a breathtaking view even for those who might not be too fond of whiskey. Of course, we can’t blame you for becoming a convert after visiting her.

Bewley’s Oriental Cafe

Head down for a cup of interesting tea at the charming Bewley’s cafe. It was at this historic little cafe that Irish’s literary greats would meet over a cup of coffee. James Joyce was one of the patrons of this charming little spot. The food here is something to look forward to. With the changing times, more modern and global options are part of their menu. And you can always choose to go in for some wine if you want to indulge.

L. Mulligan Grocer

If savoring a traditional Scotch egg has been on your bucket list for far too long, we highly recommend that you rectify this situation by paying a visit to L Mulligan Grocer. Here, you will find a traditional Irish pub set up, along with some excellent food options. The Scotch egg is prepared by expert hands, encasing a softboiled egg in a layer of pork and an outer crust of well fried breadcrumbs.

We hope some of these spots will give you the much needed food pictures for your blog. There are several more trendier food options on the Dublin streets, but these are the most historically popular food experiences that anyone visiting Dublin must have.

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