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It’s so much fun planning a Hen party but sometimes a list for the accessories for Irish stores can help. There’s so many things going on, such as planning accommodation, transport, activities and making sure the all important bride is happy! Here’s a rundown of the all important Hen accessory Ireland online shops to help you stock up on sashes, willy straws and tiaras. 

All these stores are Irish based so will have faster delivery and also we support shopping local so delighted to share here. At InstaTours we are finalists as Hen Do suppliers of the year for 2021, check it out here.

Get all the Hen Party Accessories for Ireland in HenWorld

The biggest and best known one in Ireland is Henworld, really says it all in the name. They have 1-4 days delivery, excellent customer service of responding within 24 hours. The owner, Bronwyn is very involved in everything that happens with Henworld. 

They have a good list of essentials so you can tick off the easy bits quickly by adding to your basket. One thing I quite liked on their page is the personalisation on offer for items. It really does add a sense of occasion to any Hen party when the bride sees their name on something. They have gifting boxes to make you realise all the things that you hadn’t done for the significant people in your life. 

HenWorld also have a large selection of everything needed for a good Hen so they save the hassle of shopping around. They try to help you theme the Hen party by putting together items. They all seemed quite similar so feel free to mix and match between all of them. 

If you’re still in research mode, best to follow on Instagram and Facebook. Here they post regularly on their items so may inspire you to see more of their range. 

Ireland Hen party accessories shop is great for Hen Party Accessories

Unfortunately titled for Hen parties, you shoud click the Hen party section of the website to see everything that’s on offer. It’s quite basic but excellently priced if you truly just need to get the basics. Great for last minute planning, you can also get the same type of accessories by visiting any Eurogiant or Dealz

The example below, this sash is 60c on the website on the moment, you really can’t do better. 

Ireland Hen party sash

PartyCity knows Hens

PartyCity also has a Hen Party section, again you probably need to do a lot of the work yourself in filtering through. You can helpfully they have clearly defined themes which means that once you pick one, it’s easier to add everything relevant to your cart. They seem to have great balloons on offer with a lot of variety so be prepared for a lot of blowing. 

This website is great to be used in conjunction with other websites to do the full Hen party prep. They had a few items out of stock when writing this article so they may not be the most reliable. Delivery is up to 4 days so the Irish standard, 

Ireland Hen party theme shop

Ireland Hen party accessories can be found at is a company that covers all areas of Hen parties. From helping you organise the whole weekend to selling Hen party decorations, you can decide how much input you want. They’re famous for winning an investment on Dragons Den (Ireland’s version of Shark Tank). Based in Waterford, they have a big back office with plenty of support and guidance. Their social media hasn’t been updated since May 2021 so it may be tricky to get in contact as COVID has probably affected them massively. Looking at their reviews, they’re all great and they promise next day delivery 

You’ll see on their Hen section a lot of items headed under different sections. It’s best to rummage yourself and also come with a theme idea already to save time. One of the interesting sections was Willy items, right beside Vintage items, in their own words, from the flashy to the classy! 

Ireland Hen party extras

Picture from 

Hopefully now you’ve found your best Hen party accessories shops for Ireland online. Drop us a comment here or social media if we left anything out.

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