Most Instagram worthy castles in Ireland


Best Castles for Instagram in Ireland

Romantic castles make for a gorgeous addition to an Instagram feed. 

Lucky for you, Ireland is full of them!

Grab your camera and start snapping, because here is our list of the prettiest castles in Ireland.


  1. Belfast Castle


If you don’t mind a bit of a climb, Belfast Castle on Cave Hill is the perfect spot for some shutterbugging. This castle looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale. With looming spires and a grey facade that overlooks an impressive view, the Belfast Castle is also surrounded by spreading ornate gardens. We recommend you plan a day time visit to this castle, after 10am for some pretty shots. You can even visit its cat garden to unwind once you are done!


2. Glenarm Castle

Glenarm 0231

Here is another charming castle that is several centuries old. Glenarm Castle is currently occupied by Viscount and Viscountess Dunluce. This means that it isn’t available round the year for the public to visit, so you will have to keep an eye on their schedule. This beguiling castle is best photographed during the day. In fact, even the surrounding lawns, which are open to the public through the year, make for some impressive pictures.

3. Dunluce Castle


If you are looking for a castle with a cliff view, look no further than Dunluce Castle. Boasting some spellbinding views of waves crashing against the rocks at the foot of the cliff, this castle is easily one of Ireland’s most popular ones. Adding to its historic allure is the fact that it was once owned by Winston Churchill. Make a day of your photography visit here, by planning a picnic by the sea.

4. Clough Oughter Castle


Clough Oughter Castle is a circular castle that is in ruins, built on a man made island. You can make the trip to the castle by kayak or canoe and even take a glimpse at the varied bird population here. This castle has been home to some high profile prisoners, who were literally locked up in its tower. Pick a time during the day or just before dawn to picture this beguiling castle. 


5. McDermott’s Castle


Another fairytale castle, McDermott’s Castle is nestled in a quaint town, aptly named Castle Island. McDermott’s Castle has a tragic love story behind its origin. The McDermott chief kept his daughter captive on this island to dissuade her from pursuing a love affair with a young man who came from a poorer family. As it turned out, the young man drowned as he swam to the island to try to meet her, and she died shortly after out of grief. Their graves are present on the island. What a story to add to your Insta pic!


6. Adare Desmond Castle


Built on the banks of the River Maigue, Adare Desmond Castle is a dreamy medieval castle complete with high walls and a moat. The castle is located next to a charming little village, where you will also find some great picture opportunities. The entire structure of the castle gives you a great sense of security thanks to its fortified walls. Take a visit here sometime in the early hours of evening to make your time worthwhile.

7. Birr Castle


Here is a well kept castle that is still occupied by the Parsons. Surrounded by sprawling lawns with dancing flowers, this castle is an attractive addition to your Instagram gems. When you are done taking pictures of the castle, you can also peer through the Great Telescope, which is supposed to be one of the oldest working telescopes in the world. This castle is closed to the public for most of the year, but keep an eye for when is open during the summer.


8. Carrickfergus Castle


Carrickfergus Castle is a Norman castle, built by a night. Strikingly ravishing, this castle is one of the best preserved castles in Ireland today. It is surrounded by the sea, making for some interesting reflective photography. It is extremely popular with tourists, so be sure to find a time when it is less busy for the best shots. We recommend some dusk shots of this castle for the biggest impact.


Get your followers talking when you showcase pictures of these charming Irish castles. We guarantee you will certainly have a good time visiting them all!

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