The Ultimate Hen Party Packing List

Hen parties are so much fun! But fail to prepare and prepare to fail for this 3-day extravaganza. To make your life easier, we’ve put together a helpful hen party packing list so you don’t stress about forgetting anything important. Tick off as you go or use this as a last-minute reminder if you’ve forgotten anything. 

This packing list is for a standard 3 day hen party, which is what we tend to see at InstaTours. Our fun photography tours in cities across Ireland and the UK are the perfect hen party activity during your weekend away. After all, getting a group selfie where everyone actually looks good…well, we all know that’s a helluva challenge!

Join us for a tour and take some pics with your chicks. You’ll leave with beautiful memories captured before the rest of the night’s memories get a little fuzzy. Need help planning a hen party? We can do that, too! Just get in touch and we’ll make sure you’re well prepared for this special event.

What to Pack for a Hen Party

First things first, you need to plan for where you’re going. A city break is totally different from a sunbathed beach weekend! As we’re based in Ireland and are most familiar with hen parties in the UK and Ireland, we’re (tragically) not the destination for sun cream and sandals. Instead, our cities boast the best nights out and the top destinations for hen parties.

So plan ahead for a city break and make sure you’re properly prepared by using this hen party packing list…

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Clothes to Pack for a Hen Party

You’re going to need some options, but not too many or you’ll be charged an absurd amount for your luggage. #LookingAtYouRyanAir

Stick to the essentials and pack appropriately. You’ll thank us later!

  • 3x going out outfits
    • If there’s a theme to the hen party, be sure to pack appropriately. Don’t be that hen who’s too cool to dress the part. This includes fancy dress or matching tees!
    • Always check in with someone else going on the hen party so you know the general vibe. Is this a classy cocktails in stilettos kinda group? This is a need-to-know moment.
    • Always have a spare going-out outfit. Spontaneity happens! And so do red wine stains.
  • Extra underwear. One for each day and one extra one, never know when you need a spare.
  • Hangover comfy clothes for the last day. You’re welcome.
  • Swimsuit! We’re not a beach destination, but lots of accommodations have pools or spas to enjoy. 
  • Pyjamas
  • Clothes for planned activities. If you’ll be doing a dance class or yoga, pack accordingly!

Which Shoes to Pack for a Hen Do

While we’d all love to have every shoe option available for a hen night out, packing 7 pairs just doesn’t make sense. Trust us, we’ve seen this before.

Here’s what you truly need for shoes for a hen weekend getaway…

  • Heels. One pair should do, but it’s helpful to know the vibe of this group. Sky-high stilettos or cute and comfy?
  • Fancy flats because you’re gonna wanna take those heels off. Pop these into your purse and try not to lose your heels later!
  • Shoes for a day of walking. Because you’re not going away for the weekend just for the drinks. Get out there and explore! And do so in relative comfort.
  • Sandals or slippers if there’s a pool or spa.
  • Trainers if you’re doing anything active like hiking or biking.
Hen Party packing

Other Accessories to Pack

Clothes and shoes are covered, so what else will you need to pack for a hen party? Accessories!

  • Pack the sunglasses regardless of the weather report. Nobody can handle daylight on a hangover
  • Scarf — whether it’s for warmth or style it’ll be welcome!
  • Hat, beachy cute or cosy warm depending on the time of year
  • Umbrella…because we’re talking about the UK and Ireland after all. No point in doing your hair and makeup to a tee only to get caught in the rain!
  • Speaking of makeup, bring it. This is the weekend to get dolled up, so go all out!
  • Hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons oh my! With a whole hen party, these things can be shared. Plus the accommodation probably has a hairdryer or several. So check ahead on this one and don’t waste your luggage space if you don’t need to!
  • BYO face cloth. There are never enough in a hotel and you also don’t want to ruin their pretty white towels with your makeup.

Other Things to Remember to Pack

  • Phone charger, can’t leave home without it these days!
  • Speakers for playing music for the party. Those little bluetooth ones work wonders
  • ID/passport: this will be needed to get into bars and nightclubs!
  • Purse and/or clutch. Depends on whether you’re packing those flats or not.
  • Cash, nearly everywhere takes card these days but it’s always useful to have 20 euro/pounds with you, just in case. Especially for a taxi home!
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Hen Party Accessories to Pack

You can’t forget the bride-to-be and all the fun hen party gear you can enjoy! Check out the best Ireland Hen Party accessories online shops for inspiration.

  • A cute sash for the bride-to-be
  • Maybe a tiara as well?
  • Matching t-shirts or bags for the whole crew
  • Any fun accessories (balloons, anyone?)
  • A gift for the Maid of Honour (organiser) for all her hard work!

Get Packing for Your Hen Do!

Packing for a hen do doesn’t have to be stressful! After all, if you do forget anything, you can always incorporate a little shopping into your weekend getaway. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by hens! Sharing is caring, so go ahead and ask if you forgot your straightener or if that spare dress she brought is just too cute to stay home!

When you’re all packed up and ready to go, book one of our InstaTours in Dublin, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cork, Galway, Manchester, Glasgow or Bristol. This is the perfect hen party activity and you’ll have loads of fun.

If there are any tips we missed on packing for a hen party, let us know in the comments. We’ll be sure to add them in later.

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