Packing for a Hen Party

Hen parties are so much fun! But fail to prepare and prepare to fail for this 3 day extravaganza. Here we’ve put together a simple list for packing for a Hen Party. Tick off as you go or a reminder if you’ve forgotten anything. This is for a standard 3 day Hen party.

List on what to pack for a Hen Party:

  • 3x going out outfits
    • If there’s a theme to the Hen party, be sure to pack appropriately. 
    • If you’re unsure on the type, then check in with someone else going on the Hen party, can buddy up.
    • Always have a spare going out outfit, spontaneity happens!
  • Extra socks and underwear. One for each day and one extra one, never know when you need a spare.
  • Hangover comfy clothes for the last day.
  • Swimsuit and swimhat as a lot of accommodation have pools or spas to enjoy. 
  • Makeup bag with your favorite products.
  • Beauty products example tanning mitt
  • Heels or fancy flats for evenings
  • Pyjamas
  • Shoes for a day of walking
  • Clothes depending on the activity e.g. dancing, bring activewear. 
  • Phone charger, can’t leave home without it these days!
  • Speakers for playing music for the party. 
  • ID/passport: this will be needed to get into bars and nighclubs.
  • Purse
  • Cash, nearly everywhere takes card these days but it’s always useful to have 20 euro/pounds with you, just in case. Especially for a taxi home!
  • Hairdryer, straightener
  • If you’re responsible for bringing anything (e.g. sash or games)
  • Any gift for the Maid of Honour (organiser) or Hen. 
  • Sunglasses, as you never know the weather.
  • Scarf and hat, as you never know the weather.

InstaTours offers a Hen party activity for Dublin, Liverpool Edinburgh, Cork, Galway, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. Great for Bachelorette or Hen Do’s.

If there’s any tips we missed on packing for a Hen party, let us know in the comments. We’ll be sure to add them in.

Hen Party packing

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