The best Dublin nightlife for a Hen Party

One of the best features for a Hen Party in Dublin is the rocking nightlife. It’s rare to get a guarantee but this is as close as you can get for a wonderful night out with the Hen Do. Well established as a location for bachelorette parties. Here’s a list of 5 great nightclubs where you can shake your tailfeathers till the morning, 

The Godfather of clubs in Dublin

The one and only original Copper Face Jacks nightclub in Dublin is well renowned as a spot for cheesy music (think Westlife, Wagon Wheel and S Club 7). There’s a full dancefloor and the feeling of never knowing what will happen. Famously opened by a former policeman in 1996, it’s based just off St. Stephens Green on Harcourt Street and popular among rural people in Dublin. Also professions such as police, nurses, sports players. It also has a musical based on the nightclub, can check it out here. It’s large with several dancefloors and bars. 

If you want the full Irish nightlife experience, this is a must. Usually you should go before 11.30pm to get in, it’s also one of the few nightclubs that is full every night of the week. So if you’re doing a midweek Hen party then this is the one to visit. Also many parties turn up in costume and are very much welcome so be sure to check it out. 

Best value drinks in the city with International feeling

Diceys Garden, which is right beside Copper Face Jacks, is famous for its 2e drinks and international flavour. It has live DJ’s every night of the week, it starts filling up early at 6.30pm. It’s well known for it’s Tuesday night party where the queue can stretch around the corner post 9pm. The music is more modern and the prices light on the budget so could be a great option for a full night out or starting before heading to another nightclub. The location is central on Harcourt Street so easy to reach and use as a launching pad for a bar crawl. 

Cool hipster late bar and club

A central fixture of Dublin, Pygmalion flows onto the streets of Dublin with its strong hipster vibe. It’s perfect for a sunny day when you can sit outside and enjoy drinks with friends/Hen party. The bar is named after a play by George Bernard Shaw, continuing the trend of interestingly named nightlife spots in Dublin. Their cocktails are their signature beverage so be sure to order one and their music is more eclectic with a focus on electronic and up and coming DJ’s. Their location again is central, can start there also before deciding to head to their downstairs club or go to your next stop.  

New York Decor club experience

This club of Tramline is situated in the heart of Dublin on D’Olier street, right beside the city’s university of Trinity College. Their favourite music style is Latino which they play most nights. They also have some drinks that are 3e depending on the night, check out their social media (Facebook ) which they are good at updating. 

Reading the reviews on Google, they have amazing bathrooms with one stall having two toilets so both friends can pee together! What a story for any Hen party. They pride themselves on their decor and their door policy is usually easygoing compared to other places so be sure to check it out if you’re in the mood. 

Spanish themed underground club

Last but not least, Xico is themed for nightly fiestas any day of the week. Their famous margaritas will get you dancing on the tables and bar (which happens regularly there). It’s three floors of good fun. They usually have live bands with full brass section to get everyone in the mood.  It’s a 5 minute walk from central St. Stephen’s Green. Well reviewed and regarded on different review sites. The crowd seems to be predominantly 23-30 so may suit the mood of the Hen party you’re with. Booking ahead for a table is mandatory with this location. 

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